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New penpals, please! :D [Feb. 28th, 2013|12:57 pm]

[mood |hopefulhopeful]

Hello everybody! My penpals have kind of dwindled in the last year or so, and I am overflowing with adorable stationery (and can't stop buying it!), so I am looking for some new penpals!

NAME: Holly Miller
EMAIL: sweetfracture at gmail
AGE: 29
HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Baking (when it's not too hot), reading (novels, comics, and manga), playing video games (mostly 3DS lately; I'm a big fan of the Professor Layton games and am incredibly excited about the new Animal Crossing coming out in a few months!), cuddling my two jerky cats, and of course writing letters!
FAVORITES: Umm favorite whats? Favorite everythings? My favorite food is probably the vegan pizza bagels my husband and I make. Favorite band is Bishop Allen, but lately my new favorite is a Japanese band called TOKIO. Favorite TV show is/was Firefly. Favorite video game is Animal Crossing. Favorite stationery character is Nyan Nyan Nyanko, but Rilakkuma is also super amazing. Favorite manga is definitely One Piece, but I also love Yotsubato, Chi's Sweet Home, and Blue Exorcist.  My favorite book is Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins, because it makes me feel happy and alive.
WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR (such as PENPALS/SWAP PALS, ETC.): Definitely penpals, possibly eventually swap pals once we get to know each other, trust each other, and know each other's tastes. I think pretty much everyone says this, but I'm really looking for some lasting penpals. I am getting kind of bummed writing all these "getting to know you" letters and then just never hearing from people again, or letters dropping off after 6 months or a year. So, please consider this post my "getting to know me" letter. I've responded to lots of these posts before, but this is my first time writing one! My profile has more "interests" listed if you want to check that out and see if you can find anything else we have in common. I am in California, but I am happy with penpals anywhere; other countries is fine as long as you have a reliable postal service, and super close is fine, too. I have friends I write letters to who live in my city.
AGE PREFERENCE (IF ANY): I don't think I really have a preference? I have friends who are still in high school and college, and their drama and exploits still amuse the hell out of me, and I have friends in their 40s with real grown-up people jobs, so I think I am down with pretty much any age.
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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2012|09:09 pm]

Name: Victoria
Sex: Female
Age: 29
Birthday: January 31st 1983
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Location: NE Ohio
E-mail: darkmoongazerlily@gmail.com

Main Interests: the paranormal, playing video games (Wii, Zelda etc), watching movies on Netflix from my queue which has 189 movies saved some horror, some drama, a mix of genres... I put anything that sounds decent there but all are questionable until watched. I love anything gypsy, love incense, candles, tarot, the moon, tea. I used to study Paganism and even though I am no longer, it still has a place in my heart.
Described as: shy, reclusive, liberal (as in, "you fucking liberal")
Significant Other?: Yes
Work?: No
Tattoos/Piercings: Ears, septum and navel, planning on a lot more though. I love piercings
Who are your favorite bands/singers?: Within Temptation (insanely love and listen to way too much), Tapping the Vein, OTEP, The Birthday Massacre, In This Moment, Massive Attack, Conjure One (some songs), A Perfect Circle, Smashing Pumpkins, Flyleaf, Delerium (some songs), "One Moment More" by Mindy Smith, Dryer, Fever Ray, Robyn (new), Kerli, Sarah Mclachlan, Ellie Goulding, LIGHTS
Favorite Books: Dangerous Angels (And Francesa Lia Block books in general), A Certain Slant of the Light, Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife, Smoke & Mirrors, The Graveyard Book.... I find myself reading a lot of YA fiction for some reason
Favorite Movie: What Dreams May Come, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Silent Hill, Nightmare Before Christmas, Pan's Labyrinth, MirrorMask, Labyrinth, Legend, Interview with The Vampire, The Neverending Story, The Butterfly Effect Ultraviolet, The Fifth Element, Underworld, The Fountain, The Invention of Lying, Wristcutters: A Love Story
Favorite T.V. Show: used to be Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunter, Paranormal Witness, The Dead Files, Bones, Criminal Minds, The Amazing World of Gumball.... but I don't watch TV anymore really just watch movies on Netflix but this gives you my taste in TV
Specifically Seeking: Female pen pals, just please have something in common with me
Where do you want them to be from?: USA please but I'll consider others
What age do you want them to be?: 20+ please
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Labels! [Sep. 27th, 2011|11:02 pm]

I just wanted to let you all know that I am now making address labels!

Here is one simple example! I make them using a photo program and can do any theme, any color, any characters, and any text!

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MAIL ART ANYONE???? [May. 5th, 2011|12:27 pm]




You'll send me mail art and I will send mail art back to you.
You'll decorate your envelope and enclose a note along
with any items that can be used for creating mail art.
This can be stickers, collages, art drawing, ephemera, etc.



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newbie penpal [May. 4th, 2011|09:52 am]

Name: Sarah
Age: 22
Birthday: 14th January, which makes me a capricorn.
Gender: Female
Orientation: bisexual.
Location: Crawley, West Sussex (Near London and Brighton).
Occupation: Youth worker.
Languages Spoken: English and broken German
Relationship status: Long Term Relationship

Interests: Cooking / Baking, Reading, Writing, Listening to music, Watching films, True Crime, Cats, Rabbits, Fashion, Make up, Lazing around, Hanging out at the beach, shopping.

Music: I like all types of music, some of my fave bands are: Kate Nash, Adele, Machine head, slipknot, bring me the horizon, Architects, Parkway Drive, Rhianna, Avril Lavigne, No doubt, Garbage, Pink, Katy perry, linkin park, rob zombie etc.

Movies: I like quite a lot, I am interested in old films / westerns as my partner loves watching them at his family. i also love all horror / gore/ serial killer typre films, romance, chick flicks. I would be here all day writing so I give you my fave 10: 10 things I hate about you, the ugly truth, it's complicated, the strangers, Harry potter films (I can cheat :P), cemetary junction, pulp fiction, Monster, House of 1000 corpse and juno.

TV: I am obsessed with tv shows, I love Grey's anatomy, family guy, american dad, secret diary of a call girl, bob's burgers, gossip girl, house, Dexter, the OC, one tree hill, gilmore girls etc.

Reading: I love reading, I own about 100 books of different genre. I enjoy reading true crime / serial killers, chick lit, classics and finding new authors. Some of my fave authors are richard laymon, stephan king, Cecilia Ahern, Marian keyes etc.
Pen Pal Info
How many penpals do you have? None
How many do you want? 5
Do you want email pals? No thank you.
Do you want snail-mail penpals? Yes.
How long are your letters? I usually write quite long letters in the past.
How long does it take you to reply to a letter? I will usually write a reply as soon as I read the incoming letter.
Would you like your penpal to be male or female? Female
Age: late teens early 20's.
What are you looking for in a pen pal? I'm looking for someone who has similar interests, not all the same as I like learning new things for people. I would also like them to maybe do package swaps every now and then.
Where would you like them to be from? It doesn't matter, I would like them to be in the USA, Austriliara and Europe.

I also do not mind writing first.
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(no subject) [Apr. 10th, 2011|05:51 pm]
x]Name: Jessica
[X]Sex: Female
[x]Age: 35
[x]Birthday: November 3rd 1975
[x]Sign: Scorpio
[x]Location: Peru
[x]E-mail: jessica_obandoe@yahoo.com
[x]Main Interests: swimming, dancing, writing letters, fashion, decoration, taking photos, travelling, cooking, collecting sanrio, kawaii and diddl
[x]Described as: loyal, friendly, sincere, honest, hardworker
[x]Significant Other?:
[x]Work?: System Analyst
[x]Tattoos/Piercings: no
[x]Who are your favorite bands/singers?: Mark Anthony, Enrique Iglesias,
[X]Favorite Movie: Gone with the wind, Ben Hur, Pretty Woman,
[X]Favorite T.V. Show: CSI, CSI-Miami, CSI-New York, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Law&Order:SUV, Bones,
[X]Specifically Seeking: penpals and swappers
[x]What sex do you want them to be?: female
[x]What race do you want them to be?: It doesn´t matter.
[x]Where do you want them to be from?: It doesn´t matter.
[x]What age do you want them to be?: 20 to 40
Post a picture:
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New Here =] [Mar. 2nd, 2011|02:06 pm]

 Hello everyone, I am new to this community and would like to introduce myself =]
My name is Queenie, I am a 21 y/o (but will be turning 22 on the 17th of this month! :) female living in the USA. My interests/hobbies include (but not limited to) traveling, photography, drifting, working on cars, shopping, reading, writing, and I also am on YouTube now! feel free to check out my channel: http://www.youtube.com/QueenieITO to get to know me a little more. ^.^ Things I love!: Hello Kitty, Tokidoki, Harajuku Lovers, Cocolulu.  I would love to make snail mail penpals who like to swap neat FBS, cute stickers, stationery, and other kawaii items. My email is Queenie.Ito@live.com - contact me if you would like to become pen/swap pals. I look forward to making new friends! ^.^

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NEW HERE!!! [Feb. 28th, 2011|12:52 pm]
[mood |creative]

Hello Everybody!! My name is Jami and I am a 37 year old female who was born on the vernal equinox in 1973.  My hobbies and  interest include: hiking, jogging, nature, watching the seasons change, penpals, swapping, music, haiku, camping, travel, bohemian cloths and jewelry, reading, and so much more. I am looking for snail mail penpals who like to swap neat FBS, cute stickers, and stationery.  My email is jami73@gmail.com.   I look forward to meeting everybody:)

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(no subject) [Feb. 20th, 2011|12:22 am]
All items are instocks so you can get them fast!
bunny pouches, passport holders, diaries, notebooks,
stickers, post-its, lovely mini-cards and more!

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Intro Post [Jan. 26th, 2011|02:52 pm]

[Current Location |United States, Arizona, Tucson]

Nadine Brown

EMAIL: greykatt0914042yahoo.com

AGE: 28 (will be 29 in Feb. 2011)

HOBBIES & INTEREST: Violin, penpals, lolita/mori-girl fashion, motherhood, marriage, stationary, cute things, having fun when eveyone tells you not to.

FAVORITES: I have sooo many faves it's had for me to pick just one.

WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR (such as PENPALS/SWAP PALS, ETC.): idk what "SWAP PALS" are, but I am interested in a penpal from any country who is like me (wife, mother, student-for-life) around the same age group as myself.  I know I am a bit older, but I do not feel it.  I feel 25! lol

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